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GST was introduced after the various enactments of GST laws; GST was launched with effect from 1st July 2017 in a mid-night function at the Central Hall of Parliament of India. The GST Council is empowered to make recommendations to the Union and the States on the various matters. The mechanism of GST registration in Bangalore Council is as such that it would ensure harmonization on different aspects of GST between the Centre and the States as well as amongst the States. The GST has taken away all the subsuming multiple taxes and a single tax system has been put forth. In the GST registration system for both the seller and buyer is required, in case one wish to neither obtain the avails the input tax credits nor can GST be collected from the customer. The GST registration in Bangalore is required to be obtained by all who are engaged in the business of goods and services in whatsoever format.

Legal requirements to obtain the GST Registration in Bangalore:

Following are the entities required to obtain GST registration in Bangalore are as the following:

  1. All such entities whose turnover is more than 20 lacs. However, entities which are put to in the special category states are required to obtain the GST registration in Bangalore having a turnover of more than 10 Lacs.
  2. The interstate supply is also required to obtain the GST registration in Bangalore irrespective of the GST registration. Let’s say When goods are supplied from Uttar Pradesh to Gujarat.
  3. All such existing or previous taxpayer, who were paying tax in the form of VAT/ Central excise or such other taxes, which were mandatorily at that point in time and were required by law to pay the service tax.
  4. All the business operators which are engaged in the E-Commerce business and are E-commerce Sellers, supping of goods or services. For Example Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  5. All the business operators who come under the category of Casual taxable persons. Now, who is a casual taxpayer? Basically, a Casual operator is a Person who supplies the services or goods occasionally and does not have a fixed place of business. This usually pertains to the festival based shopkeepers let’s say the Diwali crackers shopkeeper, Kite festival shopkeepers or such temporary food stalls.

What are the documents required for GST registration in Bangalore?

  1. PAN Card of the business. Do link it to GSTIN linked.
  2. Identity and Address Proof of Promoters e.g. PAN, passport, driving license, Aadhaar card or voters identity card of all the promoters.
  3. An incorporation certificate or partnership deed or registration certificate or as applicable proof of business registration.
  4. Address Proof for Place of Business, it may include the property paper (own property cases), rental agreement or sale deed along with copies of electricity bill or latest property tax receipt or municipal khata copy, as to be feed in the online GST registration application.
  5. Bank Account Proof as the address of the business.
  6. Digital Signature is required for the authorized signatory in order to sign and submit the online GST registration application.

Note that in a proprietorship, there is no requirement for a digital signature for GST Registration in Bangalore.

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